While not the raison d’etre for any organization (aside from ours!), timely, accurate financial statements should provide the information you need to make decisions.

We assist our clients in this regard with:

Accounting standards for private enterprises (“ASPE”) and accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations in Canada

Bookkeeping assistance and guidance with respect to recording complex transactions.

Compiling financial information into financial statements appropriate for some users with comparisons to industry benchmarks.


Providing your stakeholders with confidence in your organization’s financial statements.

We provide our clients with:

Audit and review engagement reports on financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian standards.

Accountants Report on Trust Account Reports required by the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society.

Common area cost reports for landlords.


providing full service income tax compliance for entrepreneurs, integrating personal and corporate taxes.

Assistance with Harmonized Sales Tax returns, including the unique assistance residential landlords require.

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